PERLGOLD Album Top Secret

PERLGOLD is singer-songwriter Jonah Leann from Dresden and artist Stefanie Darnesa from Mecklenburg, now living in Hamburg.

Their debut album “Top Secret”, which the title is connected to their first professional produced song, takes the listeners on an exciting journey between reality and imagination.

With a variety of different musical styles, uncannily reminiscent of the pop music from the 80s and 90s, solo instruments and polyphonic vocals that gives a consistently strong main point. Noticeable is also the skilful mixture between sophisticated verses and catchy choruses, which gives each song depth and lightness.

As to content topics, the duo is dedicated to entertaining lyrics in extraordinary subjects such as, global politics, human values and the polarity of modern communication are sung about, as well as more
controversial topics such as prostitution, superstars, true love and freedom. The pieces don’t just mirror subtle emotionality in their compositions and interpretations, but also the artist’s own high standard of connecting entertainment with meaning.


The foundation for PERLGOLD was laid early. Her mother and his father played in different regional bands and so Stefanie Darnesa and Jonah Leann met again and again at these shows. Despite the fact that she grew up in Röbel / Müritz, Mecklenburg and he in Luckau, Spreewald, Brandenburg, they never lost contact.

Many years later and hundreds of kilometres apart they discover that the passionate urge to make music never left them. Soon it became clear that even their creative ideas and concepts are in tune. One day, a whimsical Jonah continued singing the line “Let’s start a band!” from Amy McDonald. And so the spark was ignited – PERLGOLD was formed, before Jonah finished the last verse.

Several studio sessions later, the debut album “Top Secret” is released, containing 12 songs.